eBUS USB Adapter (eBuzzz adapter)


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What is it?

This eBUS adapter can be used to connect your boiler, heater or heat pump to your home automation. This way you can control the climate in your house for example with Home Assistant. I have connected the adapter to a Raspberry Pi (any will do) and my Valliant heater/boiler eBUS network. That Raspberry Pi is in turn connected to my Home Assistant through MQTT (separate Raspberry Pi).

Why did you make it?

I could not find a cheap and simple solution what was small and easy to put together, so I decided to build my own. Because I see quite an interest for this in the hacking / home automation community, I am making this board available for everyone.

What makes it special?

It unlocks the possibility to control your climate through automation and can reduce your energy usage when no heat is required. You can control for example the temperature set point from anywhere.


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